News Release


“Deepsea Yantai” makes its successful drilling debut at Norwegian North Sea



On November 1, “Deepsea Yantai”, a semi-submersible rig specially designed by CIMC Raffles for harsh seawater conditions in the polar region, made a successful drilling debut at the Norwegian North Sea.

The drilling rig comes in the GM4-D architecture, and its basic design is jointly completed by CIMC Raffles and the Norway-based Global Maritime. The Chinese rig builder owns 80 percent of the intellectual property rights and provides all specific designs and engineering designs. Thanks to 11 significant technological breakthroughs and 114 improvements, Deepsea Yantai’s operating capability has been raised by 19 percent. With length of 106.75m, width of 73.7m, maximum draft of 21m, operating depth of 500m and maximum drilling depth of 8,000m, the rig is of greater help for companies working at Norwegian continental shelf and Barents Sea; with the NOV drilling package, DP3 dynamic positioning system and 8-point anchor mooring positioning system, the rig works normally under a designed service temperature of -20 and meets relevant ice class requirements; with ice-resistant features such as electrical heat tracing system or windproof wall used for external type-I safety equipment and with windproof wall installed at larger part of the drilling area, the rig operates normally under extremely cold situations. “Deepsea Yantai” has met the Norsok standards, the most stringent one in the world and the certification requirements of DNV-GL.

In March 2019, Neptune and CIMC entered into an agreement on the chartering of the drilling rig; in June, “Deepsea Yantai” set sail for Norwegian North Sea to perform operations stipulated in the agreement. As expected, the rig arrived at Bergen successfully. In October, after all pre-drilling preparations and rigorous examinations and tests of the hardware and software facilities of the rig by the Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA), “Deepsea Yantai” was granted the AOC Certificate necessary for drilling operations at the North Sea; on November 1, it made the successful debut operation. “The success has tremendously built up our brand awareness on the world’s mainstream offshore engineering equipment market, and it is another striking illustration of the excellence and competence of ‘Made in China’ high-end offshore engineering equipment to the rest of the world”, said a responsible person of CIMC Raffles.