News Release


CIMC Vehicles leads the quality and sustainable development of China’s semitrailer industry



Recently, the 2019 China Commercial Vehicles Show (CCVS 2019) themed “Intelligent Driving, Green Development” was held at Wuhan International Exhibition Center. CIMC Vehicles and its 9 subsidiaries, namely CIMC Tonghua, CIMC Huajun, CIMC RJST, Shenzhen CIMC Special Vehicles CO., Ltd., Qingdao CIMC Reefer Trailer Co., Ltd., CIMC Shandong, CIMC Zhenjiang, CIMC Vehicles Park and CIMC Wanjia, jointly attended the show and exhibited products featuring the latest scientific and technological innovations.

During the show, Mr. Li Guiping, vice chairman of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, and CEO and president of CIMC Vehicles, delivered a keynote speech at the Logistics & Transportation Vehicles Summit, sharing with domestic and foreign participants the evolution of China’s special-purpose vehicle business, the vision of future development of domestic special-purpose vehicle industry, and the determination to promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry under the economic new normal.

At CCVS 2019, CIMC Vehicles launched the 13m gooseneck stake semitrailer and 40ft triaxial multi-functional small gooseneck skeleton semitrailer - the two types of lightweight and ecofriendly vehicles in the second-generation semitrailer category, which won great attention and compliment from industrial experts and media outlets. In addition, it exhibited the two types of vehicles that were rated by European consumers as the best semitrailers made in China: the 13.6m side curtain semitrailers for Australian market that features lightweight vehicle body and highlight powder coating technique, is equipped with air guide sleeve, sliding top and double-side stakes to reduce wind resistance and fuel consumption, embraces the European standard compliant 30mm skid-proof, wear-proof and easy-to-repair composite floor, and boasts brand new European standard flattening and beautiful side curtains; and the 13.6m dry van semitrailers for North American market that comes in the American-style no-girder and load-bearing van body structure and with high-strength ultra-thin side board and bamboo floor and are popular with customers with high strength, lightweight and large volume.     

With the enforcement of the national standard GB1589-2016, the national size standard of the second-generation semitrailers is on a par with the European standard. In particular, CIMC Vehicles’ side curtain semitrailers and central axle car carriers developed and manufactured in accordance with the national standard have become the most commonly used vehicle types in Europe. So far, with the “Global Operation” principle, the company has launched the international series of semitrailers that have passed the rigorous tests of the mainstream markets in North America. This has not only brought greater glory to “Made-in-China”, but also tremendously bolstered the confidence of domestic special-purpose vehicles to compete with well-established brands on global market.